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Click and drag the spider to help her eventually encounter another spider. The rules of this game are similar to sewing clothes. If this line is in front, the next line will be on the reverse side. Spiders will not pass when encountering obstacles, so avoid obstacles on the same side as the line. (The huge button is an obstacle to both sides.)

In the latest update, we added moveable obstacles, chasing levels, and curse-breaking levels. (The curse-breaking level requires the player to draw the hint figure with lines on the positive side) Players can experience new gamification and new puzzles in the updated levels. Currently, this game is still in the process of development, keep a lookout for updating!

Who made it?

Programmer, Level designer: 吴佳渠 Jiaqu Wu

Programmer: 吴青璐 anlideer Wu

Programmer:刘晟 Sheng Liu

Artist: 荣菲 Fei Rong

Artist: 汪楚贤 Chuxian Wang 

Artist: 秦思 Si Qin

Artist: 王卓成 Zhuocheng Wang




ButtonButt.zip 35 MB

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